Glencorse Primary has now closed.

Families who live in the former Glencorse Primary School catchment area are subject to a transition
arrangement at the moment which allows them to choose either Mauricewood Primary School or
Roslin Primary School as their catchment school.  This transition arrangement will end once a
catchment review for the wider Penicuik area is completed.

The Penicuik area catchment review is due to commence in early 2024 and will propose to:

 Change the primary school catchment areas for some addresses
 Change the high school catchment areas for some addresses

One of the proposals to be consulted upon will be to expand Mauricewood Primary School’s
catchment area to include the area that is currently the Glencorse catchment. If, following the
consultation, this proposal is agreed by elected members at a meeting of Council, pupils who live in
what was the catchment of Glencorse will be catchment to Mauricewood. These pupils will not be
able to choose Roslin as a catchment school, but they will be able to request a place at the school
through making a Placing Request.

When the consultation opens it will be publicised through the Council’s website, social media and via
our schools and early learning and childcare providers. Full information about the proposals will be
on the website and contributions will be welcomed through the website or at a public meeting.
If you require further information, please email: